Key values

My goal is simple:

To ensure that our children receive the kind of North Idaho education and upbringing I was fortunate to have. This means equipping them with a challenging curriculum, supporting those facing challenges, and fostering a sense of community within our schools. Our sense of community makes Idaho unique and why Idaho values should be continually promoted among our youth.

Student Achievement

My objective is to ensure that students within school district #271 are provided with access to rigorous, forward-thinking, and relevant curriculum. It is my aspiration for the district to attain the top position within the state rankings and to rank among the highest percentiles nationally.


I am committed to safeguarding students’ access to extracurricular activities. Recognizing that young individuals will inevitably engage their time, it becomes paramount to prioritize their access to existing productive extracurricular initiatives and programs. These activities foster essential life skills such as teamwork, resilience in the face of adversity, perseverance through challenges, selflessness, and the ability to make sacrifices. While these qualities extend beyond the conventional classroom setting, they significantly contribute to a holistic and enriching scholastic experience.


My goal is to ensure the integration of North Idaho’s way of life and values within the classroom environment. I am dedicated to equipping students with the aptitude necessary to meet the requirements of their respective industries. Additionally, I am committed to preparing them to effectively transform their chosen fields by introducing innovative solutions that can positively impact their areas of focus.


I want to be a vehicle to mend a divided community and be a trustee that earns the trust of all stakeholders.


I am committed to adopting a proactive approach to accommodate the growth in our region. By taking anticipatory measures, we can ensure that our children’s well-being and educational experiences remain unaffected by potential challenges that may arise due to this growth.

fiscal responsibility

I am eager to leverage my extensive financial skills and substantial budgeting experience to establish a fiscally responsible operational framework for the district. I firmly believe that a distinguished educational institution has the capacity to achieve operational efficiency while maintaining a conservative fiscal approach

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